Setting up the Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug with the VeSync app and 2.4 GHz connection

wifi outlet in outletThe Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug Mini Outlet with Energy Monitoring (2 Pack), Works with Amazon Alexa Echo, No Hub Required, 1 Minute to Set Up, White is a good smart outlet. It goes for about $30 for a pair [1].

I saw they had a claim that installation is under 1 minute, but that was not my case. It took about 15 minutes to figure it out the first time. Hopefully, this helps.

There is no instruction manual that comes in the box with the outlet, just some text on the back to download the VeSync Outlet on Google Play.

  • Tip – Do not download their other apps, they will not work with your outlet.

In the app, assuming you want to use the outlet with Alexa, create an account.

  • Tip – Unless you are using the timer in the app, buying the outlet to just use the app to turn the lights on/off would be a waste of money. I don’t even recommend it since the app is junk.

When adding your outlet to the app, follow the instructions in the app but select APN. The other way to app outlets seems like it is just broken.

Next comes the major problem that causes confusion with these outlets: they only support a 2.4 GHz connection.

  • Background – A new, modern router will usually have a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz connection. Default settings on the router will also set the name and password on these two connections to be the same. When your new phone connects to your network, it will be on the 5 GHz connection, but the app will complain that you need to connect to a 2.4 GHz connection.

You will need to go into your router’s admin page, find your networks, and rename your main WiFi network into two different WiFi networks.

xfinity admin page

  • Security Tip – If your router supports multiple networks, create a network and password just for your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. If your router will also prevent local network access, even better.

On your phone, connect to the 2.4 GHz connection and follow the rest of the steps in the app.

Then to get it working with Alexa, follow VeSync’s instructions.



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3 Responses to Setting up the Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug with the VeSync app and 2.4 GHz connection

  1. Bill W says:

    Found your post when I was having difficulty pairing a set I received for Christmas. Glad to see I’m not the only person having difficulty getting it set up. Curiously, the second outlet in the box paired flawlessly – but I plugged it in to an outlet in the same room as the Wifi access point before starting the process. Getting it set up with Alexa was “tedious”, but I ultimately succeeded. I was also able to get the original outlet paired/configured successfully after rebooting my phone (the outlet just appeared in the list in the VeSync app after the reboot, despite the fact that the initial setup never appeared to complete successfully).
    Also, these outlets aren’t UL-listed, so there is a safety/risk concern to using them.

  2. Buck James says:

    I was able to set up and use Alexa in less than 5 minutes. I also have Google WiFi which switches between 2.4 & 5 GHz automatically

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