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Android Marshmallow’s Internal Memory Feature for SD Card

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has a new feature that can turn your external micro SD card into internal memory. Continue reading

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Results of the “Android without Google” Experiment

I am back to using Google Play Services (Google for short) on my CyanogenMod phone. You can read from my previous post how to use a phone without Google! I lasted a few weeks without Google on my Android but … Continue reading

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I found Plex was a good solution for streaming a video from my laptop to my TV. It removes the need for an HDMI cord and the quality was great with no buffering. I have not gotten to streaming my music or … Continue reading

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Synergy – sharing your keyboard, mouse, and clipboard across computers

Having two computers at your desk does not mean two keyboards and two mouses. The software called Synergy hosted over on their webite can help you share your keyboard, mouse, and even clipboard across multiple computers. That is right, multiple, not … Continue reading

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Following Sport Playoffs

It is really easy to follow NCAA March Madness but if trying to follow the playoffs of another sport like the NHL or NBA is difficult. The major websites like ESPN, SI, CBS Sports, or even and tend … Continue reading

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Ideas for your old smartphone

When you get a new smartphone, you will quickly forget about your old phone. But that phone a few years ago was top of the line and can still pack a punch. Having faced this dilemma a few times, I … Continue reading

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Hacker Vision – Chrome Extension

For those that do not like to look at black text on a white background, there is an extension for you. For those that can stand the eye strain, read no further. In Google Chrome you can download the Hacker … Continue reading

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